January 19, 2023


It’s no revelation that the cannabis market is flooded with products that do not properly celebrate the flavor and benefits of cannabis as it exists naturally. Many brands continue to sell consumables that are not only unsafe but whose quality and effectiveness can’t be verified. As a result, communities of informed cannabis connoisseurs have banded together to protect each other and raise awareness of products that may contain heavy metals, chemical solvents, or other potentially harmful substances and advocate for proper third-party testing requirements.

The importance of keeping things simple when it comes to how cannabis is processed and made into a consumable is not a new practice or belief. Cannabis has been used to benefit individuals in its most basic form for centuries. Preserving as many compounds of the whole plant as possible is vital to extracting the full benefits that come with its use. With this in mind, we crafted our Live Rosin Unipods to celebrate a simple, clean and modern mode of consuming cannabis as it exists in close to natural form.

Live rosin is a solventless concentrate, rather than a solvent-based concentrate. Concentrates like shatter, wax, or oil are typically created through the use of solvents in a process through which trichomes are extracted from flower using solvents like CO2, alcohol, or butane, in a closed loop system before being filtered out and separated from the solvent. The use of solvents in the extraction process separates cannabinoid compounds one at a time, destroying terpenes in the process. This means the resulting product is a mixture of compounds from the hemp plant that has to be added back together.

Solventless concentrates, on the other hand, provide a fuller flavor profile when compared to solvent-based concentrates, because all compounds are extracted together without the use of a solvent. Rosin is crafted in the simplest of extraction processes so the finished product includes the most important components of the flower as it exists naturally.

So how do you ensure that a clean, flavorful, and potent product stays that way while also making it easy to enjoy a quick smoke sesh discreetly? Once a concentrate is crafted and ready to smoke, there is still a matter of the mode of consumption to take into account.

The first notable component of the Unipod is its battery which is noticeable right out of the box with its sleek carbon black alloy finish. The patented design of the Unipod device was engineered to be lightweight, easy to use, and quickly concealable. Other key features built into the device are a preheat function and adjustable temperature control, important for proper decarboxylation of all minor and major cannabinoids and vaporization of terpenes. The Unipod battery also boasts new industry technology through its haptic feedback system.