March 31, 2022

Why Lab Tests Matter

Why Lab Testing Matters

With the CBD and Delta-8 boom, new companies offer new products daily. Consumers have a wide variety of product choices and price points. Also, consumers can purchase alternatives when their favorite brand is out of stock. However, as with any industry, there are always participants that cut corners. They produce products with unsafe packaging or distillate. 

How do you protect yourself from dangerous products?

Because federal, state, and local regulation is sparse regarding CBD and Delta-8, consumers should protect themselves from dangerous/faulty products. They should only buy products from companies that utilize respected laboratories with high standards. 

Third party lab testing can be costly and time consuming, leading some brands to cut corners when it comes to making sure their product exceeds the bare minimum 

What makes an acceptable lab test?

A good lab test should include critical results: pesticides, potency, heavy metals, microbes, mycotoxins, and solvent residue. Finding these results on a company’s lab test is important because a few companies get lax testing done to satisfy basic compliance requirements. The regulations do not explicitly list what should be tested, so many companies knowingly sell substandard or tainted products.

At Kush Kolectiv, we wanted to create a product that doesn’t just meet the minimum requirements. We spent significant time researching and vetting laboratories to find testing to guarantee our customers have peace of mind. We use KCA Labs, which has a long history of performing tests on supplements, and have applied their same stringent and meticulous methods to testing cannabis, hemp, and delta-8. 

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